Vision & Mission

We are located one of the worlds biggest financial capitals i.e Canary Wharf in London. The London College of Media and Technology is a new international college with the aim, goal, plan and objective to establish a global presence across three continents... More »

Welcome Message from the Principal

The strive for excellence is a continual process, therefore, the London College of Media and Technology (LCMT) endeavours to be an innovative, dynamic educational institution which offers various Media and Technology, Business, IT and Tourism and Hospitality Management programmes to both students within the UK and also to International students from all parts of the World who wish to study in the United Kingdom or in our to be branches elsewhere. More »


Welcome to London College of Media and Technology, UK

Welcome to London College of Media and Technology, UK

LONDON COLLEGE OF MEDIA AND TEHNOLOGY’s (LCMT) vision is to be an outstanding internationally-respected academic institution which will proudly affirm its identity and which is committed to democratic  ideals, academic freedom, rigorous scholarship, sound moral values and social responsibility.
In pursuit of its vision LCMT will strive to produce outstanding internationally-accredited graduates who are innovative, analytical, articulate, balanced and adaptable, with a life-long love of learning; and to strive, through teaching, research and community service, to contribute to the advancement of international scholarship and the development.

LCMT Academic Support
London College of Media and Technology (LCMT) follows the same teaching and learning methods and modes of delivering its varied programmes as do other public and private institution of further and higher education in the UK although at LCMT, whatever your choice of course, you will have the significant advantage of small group sizes and individual attention from the academic and support staff. LCMT academic staffs are encouraged to develop innovative and exciting teaching methods.